Neko Atsume House

CREi Inc.

Meeting Room N101B, HKCEC

16:30 - 18:02 13 Mar

World Premiere
Year of Production
92 mins
Masatoshi Kurakata
Tadashi Iwabuchi 
Production Co.
2017 Hit-Point/Neko Atsume House Production Committee
Main Cast
Atsushi Ito, Shioli Kutsuna
Open to all fair badge holders

Feature film based on the popular App “Neko Atsume.” Masaru, an author who had won the rookie award at a young age, is at his slump in writing. Michiru, the editor in charge, cheers him up but her passion made Masaru suffer even more. One night, he meets a strange fortune teller and is told to run away and move to the countryside. The place he lives changed, but there was no changes in his lifestyle. It just kept going down. One day, he was just staring at his yard and a cat came by. The author and the cat stares at each other. But then the cat turns around and goes off. Masaru became even depressed by being abandoned by the cat. However Masaru goes to a pet shop and gets some advice and starts to make a strange yard… This is how “Neko Atsume (Cat Collection)” of a young author starts.

Company Name
CREi Inc.
CREi Inc. is one of the leading and most experienced distributors for overseas license in Japan. It started as an overseas sales division of TBS Service Inc. in 1998. With a view to broaden our future opportunities, we were officially established as "Media Shogun Limited" in 2003, and later in 2005 the company name was changed to "CREi Inc." Our extensive catalogue offers a wide range of contents including Animations, Featured Films, Variety Shows, Formats, Sports, Dramas, Documentaries and more, and you are sure to find fitting contents that would suit your audience.
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