Meeting Room N104-N105, HKCEC

16:00 - 17:47 16 Mar

Manga-jima: The Island of Cartoon

Five unpopular cartoonists live in an isolated island, called Manga-jima, somewhere in Japan on the Pacific Ocean. Nagasawa and Moriyoshi...

Spirits Project Inc.

Meeting Room N109-N110, HKCEC

10:00 - 11:59 16 Mar

Smaller and Smaller Circles

A dead boy is found in a sprawling dumpsite in the Philippines. Father Gus (Nonie Buencamino), a Jesuit forensic expert, finds himself caught...


Meeting Room N111-N112, HKCEC

16:00 - 18:01 16 Mar


Cheol-jong used to be a promising bowler, but he ends up at betting world. One day, he runs into an autistic boy, a born genius in bowling and...

United Pictures

Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema

12:10 - 13:45 16 Mar

White Ant

Seemingly an ordinary youth from the outside, White Ant is in fact an underwear fetishist who cannot hold back from sneaking out and stealing...

Ablaze Image Ltd.